Effective June 1, 2020, several significant changes to the eligibility requirements for grant applications have been made. The “Application Instructions” that are available for download on the web site have been updated to reflect these changes.

Most significant is that applications may now be submitted by organizations for equipment that they do not own. Equipment that is leased from another qualified tax exempt group may now be eligible for a grant. Both the owning organization and the operating organization must be bona-fide non-profits and provide both of their tax ID numbers. All lease paperwork must be submitted as well. Also, equipment that is owned by a government body may also be eligible. Details are contained in paragraph 3 of the Guidelines. These changes apply not only to equipment, but also to projects that may involve property that the requesting organization uses that is owned by a government body.

We would like to remind everyone that brevity is most important in submitting your applications, not length. Also, organizations are now required to have and submit a non-discrimination statement.

Please read each of these changes carefully as you prepare applications.

In other news, the Emery Trust is pleased to announce that two special mid-year grants have been awarded. Both were to help complete restoration efforts for two mainline steam locomotives: $50,000 was awarded to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad for the return of the last Baldwin steam locomotive, C&O 2-6-6-2 number 1309 to operation, and $35,000 was awarded to the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association to complete restoration of SP&S 4-8-4 number 700.


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