The JOHN EMERY RAIL HERITAGE TRUST is pleased to announce the following grants for this year. John Emery was a long-time Chicago resident who was an avid rail enthusiast who loved to ride trains around the world, and wanted to help preserve rail equipment and infrastructure that will allow future generations to share his experiences during what he considered the “Golden Age” of railway travel, from 1920 to 1960.

Fourty-one (41) applications were received requesting in excess of $ 1,000,000.00. After extensive research and serious consideration by advisors of the Trust, twenty-two (22) grants were awarded totaling almost $325,000. The John Emery Rail Heritage Trust is the largest trust in the US that makes 100% of its awards solely for railroad restoration purposes — locomotives, rolling stock, and facilities.
For 2021, grants were approved for the following organizations/projects:

1. Austin Steam Train: $ 10,000.00 for mechanical & electrical restoration of their ALCo RSD15.
2. EBT Foundation: $ 15,000.00 for restoration work on their M-1 Gas Electric car.
3. Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites: $ 12,000.00 for repair and upgrade work on two of their coaches.
4. Friends of SP4449: $ 22,000.00 for repair and restoration of their passenger car fleet.
5. Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum: $ 12,000.00 to continue the restoration of their L&N tavern lounge car.
6. Kentucky Railway Museum: $ 12,000.00 for repair and refurbishment of coach #884.
7. Kentucky Steam Heritage Corporation: $ 15,000.00 for continued work on C&O engine #2716.
8. Lake Superior Railroad Museum: $ 15,000.00 for a steam powered air compressor for their DM&IR locomotive #332.
9. Midwest Railway Preservation Society: $ 15,000.0 for mechanical and cosmetic restoration of their Pullman Mt. Baxter.
10. Nashville Steam Preservation Society: $ 40,000.00 for rebuilding the cross-compound air compressor for the NC&StL locomotive #576.
11. New York, Susquehanna & Western Technical & Historical Society: $ 12,000.00 for maintenance of passenger coach #531.
12. New York Museum of Transportation: $ 5,000.00 to restore carbody heaters in former P&W interurban car #161.
13. Pacific Southwest Railway Museum: $ 10,000.00 for work on their RSX-4 ALCo and their GP-9 locomotive.
14. Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum: $ 10,000.00 for asbestos abatement on their Erie Stillwell coach.
15. NRHS, Washington, D.C. Chapter: $ 12,000.00 for the ten-year inspection on the Dover Harbor, which is their sleeper-buffet-lounge car Pullman.
16. Watauga Valley Railroad Historical Society & Museum: $ 10,000.00 for installation of an air-conditioning unit for the Clinchfield #100, which is being configured as a lounge car.
17. West Chester Railroad Heritage Association: $ 10,000.00 for interior and exterior coach work.
18. Oregon Rail Heritage Center: $ 1,000.00 towards installation of their turntable.
19. East Troy Electric Museum: $ 1,000.00 towards overhead wire replacement.
20. Smoky Hill Railway & Historical Society: $ 1,000.00 for track work.
Two earlier grants were made as part of the 2021 cycle, namely:
21. Pacific Railroad Preservation Association: $ 35,000.00 for their SP&S locomotive #700
22. Western Maryland Scenic Railroad: $ 50,000.00 for their C&O locomotive #1309.

Congratulations to all the groups who received a grant and the best of luck as they continue to preserve our railroad heritage!


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